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About OHM
Company Overview

OHM LOADS POWERTEK has over 20 years of extensive experience in the design and production of world class, high quality, economical Resistive Load Banks and have delivered product to a vast array of customers including global military, defense, industrial and commercial.

Our production capabilities make us uniquely qualified and capable to handle everything from a single resistive load bank to high volume production. To ensure quality and reliability, all products are designed, produced and tested in-house at our manufacturing facility. We provide and maintain the highest quality standards in all facets of design, manufacturing and test processes.

OHM LOADS POWERTEK focuses on customer needs and emphasizes pre and post sales/applications support as a number one priority. We have application experts available in both our sales and engineering departments providing customer service support and technical support to both our existing customers as well as our potential customers.

Durability, Dependability and Cost Effectiveness is the foundation for our AC and DC STANDARD LOAD BANK series of comprehensive Resistive Load Banks for Bench-top and Rack-mount applications. This AC and DC STANDARD LOAD BANK series is the world’s first Standardized Line of Resistive Load Banks that can be quickly and easily modified to meet your custom specifications.

The philosophy behind the AC and DC STANDARD LOAD BANK product line was developed in response to an industry need presently overlooked…… THE BOTTOM LINE. This series is a cost effective switched resistor design, which not only provides simplicity and ease of use, but also a tremendous capacity to withstand high overloads and abuse. Companies with tight operating budgets will find this product line an excellent economical alternative for test and burn-in applications that do not require active loads.

For those companies that build their Loads “in-house” choosing the AC and DC STANDARD LOAD BANK product line reflects a real savings advantage.

The time and cost required to develop, engineer, procure materials, manufacture and document can quickly add up, making “in-house” Loads a very expensive investment and divert valuable time away from the company’s main goals and objectives. Not only is this series economical but can be easily be modified to meet the customer’s exact specifications.

Our AC and DC STANDARD LOAD BANK product line, MODIFIED STANDARD LOAD BANK capabilities and CONTRACT MANUFACTURING and ASSEMBLY SERVICES will benefit any engineer or company trying to stretch their critical resources.